Wild Griptape

Hot damn skating is fun!

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We've got dope griptape that will blow your mind. Slap on a sweet design and shred away. Feeling like a little tropical paradise? We've got you covered. Need a little splash of color? Come on in! Can't decide? Get 2 and get free shipping. Done deal.

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The grippiest griptape I've ever felt.


According to a close biologist friend, the parrots are actually very realistic.


I love your designs so much! Keep 'em coming!


Our grip will outlast your board.  If it loses it's grip before your board falls apart or breaks from your hardcore shredding, we'll replace the board and the grip, no problem. But seriously, it won't happen. We love seeing people try though! Skate it hard and show us pics on Instagram (@thewildlife_official) or Facebook.  Or hell, you can send us some snail mail.

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Want 15% off? Buy a friend some grip and let them pick out the style by getting them a gift card and get yourself something too with 15% off your order.

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