Astral Dome

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Want to spend some time in space? This grip'll get you there.

The Space Tiger ( instagram: @spctgr) spend 3 months on the moon creating this ultra-realistic graphic of the moon base you've never heard of.  He's from the Space city (Houston, TX) so he knows more about what's on the moon than most people though, so we believe him. We're honored that he allowed us to use this never-before-seen drawing.  He wouldn't give us any moon dust to sprinkle into the grip, but just imagine it's there.


  • Free flight to the moon with each grip
  • Never deal with air bubbles again = micro-perforations
  • waterproof and heatproof (yep, this will stay on your board during those brutal Houston summers)
  • Thrash your board as much as you want, this grip will handle it. Our grip is made with super durable silicon carbide grip
  • Guaranteed to outlast your board or we'll replace it.
  • 9 inches by 33 inches